The 6 Best Steak Houses on the Las Vegas Strip

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On average, roughly 39 million tourists visit the Las Vegas strip per year according to Statista. Many are looking for a week of fun and excitement; to include gambling, seeing a show or two and fine dining. But where should you eat on the Vegas strip, there are so many restaurants how do you choose? Below are the six best steak houses on the Las Vegas Strip, saving the best for last.

The Prime Steak House

Prefer dinner with a view, Prime Steak House  at the Bellagio is a romantic picturesque dining experience perfect for anniversaries and wedding parties. The restaurant itself sits right behind the Bellagio Fountains, giving your table a up close and personal look at the show. However, be sure to bring your wallets and call ahead for a reservation. Dinners can average around $120.00 a plate, and if you don’t call ahead you most likely won’t get a fountain view. Thats what happened to us so we ended up seated in the back and at that point you are just paying $200 for a steak! If you opt for the Prime Steak House try their Peppercorn Crusted NY Strip it only cost $67.00 for 14oz and it tastes fantastic!

Tourists overlooking the fountains at night at the Bellagio Las Vegas
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