Recover Like A Pro, No Junk – Just Taste!

Jason Venckus is the owner of Momentum Fitness, located in Berwyn Illinois, just outside of Chicago. Like many Americans Jason suffered from many problems stemming from being overweight.

“At the age of 28 I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic acid reflex and many other problems too embarrassing to mention. Being overweight caused Picture1me to be depressed, so I turned to alcohol, which only added to the problem. Medications came with their own issues, so finally I turned to exercise and nutrition. What do you know? It worked!”

After losing 40+lbs and regaining a new outlook on life, Jason realized that he wanted to help others turn their life around. Thus momentum fitness was born! Momentum Fitness has been around since 2013, offering nutritional guidance, athlete training, functional fitness classes, and personal training for all ages.

Now Jason is excited to launch his newest project, Regain a no-junk sports recovery drink! Our bodies appearance is a direct correlation to what we put in to our bodies and the nutrients we supply it.

“I see so many people killing it on the field or in the gym but replenishing their bodies with processed sugar, chemical sugar-free substitutes and dyes made from coal, tar, and other horrible sources. Now I have created a drink that not only replenishes the body properly, but tastes great too!” – Jason Venckus 

Nutritional Information


Serving Size 20oz:

135 calories,
22g Sugar,
31.5g carbs,
1098mg Potassium,
222mg sodium.

Regain Your Momentum Highlights Include:

-Complete electrolyte profile

-No added sugar, artificial sugar, dyes or preservatives

-Aids in muscle recovery

-Reduces oxidative damage

-Sleep aid for late night workouts

-Less sugar than leading brands (natural sugar from organic juices and coconut water)

-Not as sweet as leading brands

-Hangover helper

“When I am doing cardio, I often drink G2, but I hate that it is not a natural product. I have tried to drink coconut water for the same benefits but find it hard to drink in sufficient quantities because of the taste and consistency. Adding tart cherry, which is something I drink regularly for the health benefits- is brilliant. It makes the coconut water easy to “chug” and therefore re-hydrate faster. Delicious!” -Kristin Holmes

Jason just launched his crowdfunding campaign in search of donations to get Regain off the sidelines and into the hands of athletes of all ages, cover supplies and testing. You can help fund Jason’s campaign on Go Fund Me:

If you are interested in contacting Jason to learn more follow him on Facebook.