Don’t do Keto they said, it doesn’t work they said…


Keto aka the Ketogenic Diet is one of the most controversial diets on the market today, but does it work?


I will say that the Keto diet like most diets does come with risks, and you should consult your physician before starting any diet. So what is Keto? Keto is essentially a high fat, high protein low carb diet. By increasing your fat and protein intake and decreasing your carb intake your body alters the way energy is used throughout the body and starts to convert fat into energy.

When I first heard about Keto, I thought to myself it is just another fad diet, they are pushing in the media. However once I started Keto my whole world changed!

Week 1:

Day one of starting Keto was by far the worst, my whole world is carbs…I love pizza, pasta, soda and all the other junk food that caused my body to become over weight in the first place! As soon as I skipped my good morning soda the cravings and headaches started to take place. Although the eggs and bacon I had for breakfast (yes bacon!) were filling, my mind kept telling me to cave in and cheat with a nice sugary beverage. But once you make it through the first few days of cravings you quickly notice that your body and your mind start to change.

Unlike most fad diets that take weeks to see results of any kind, Keto’s results can be seen early on if you are paying attention. My cravings for soda and chocolate began to subside and by the end of the first week I had dropped 7lbs on the scale WITH OUT EXERCISE! That for me alone was a sign that I was on the right track, I had tried counting calories, exercise and countless diets with no results. So for me after 7 days on Keto those results were pretty amazing and enough motivation to continue…It’s what happened next that really surprised me.

Week 2-4:

shutterstock_541208512As the weeks continued the weight melted off, I was down almost 30lbs by the end of week 4 without exercise. That said I started to notice benefits to Keto that for me were way more gratifying than the number on the scale. I craved water, I was never hungry, not only did I suppress my cravings for sugary treats I conquered my constant need to eat in general. My body was hydrated and full of good sources of protein so I would stay fuller longer and I would only eat because I told myself I had to, not because I craved it.

My body became regular because the nutrients in my body were in surplus and my mind was clear. I like many other people have struggled with ADHD, and struggled with my doctor to find the right medication to help. What Keto did for my mind is what really sold me on adopting a Keto lifestyle. By the end of week 4 my mind was sharp, the brain fog that had cause me to slack off in many areas of my life had subsided.

Month 2-3

shutterstock_539919946By the end of the third month I could focus, my mind was clear, I could think straight without struggling to process the information I was able to stop taking my ADHD medication completely! Anyone who takes those types of medications knows how expensive they are so I was happy to say good-bye to the extra cost. I became so full of energy that I was able to wake up earlier, get to work on time, focus more and actually find time to go the gym after work without feeling too tired or lethargic.

When I started this process I wasn’t a believer, I weighed 230lbs and was just looking for any way to find a better tomorrow. After three months on Keto I lost 70lbs and had a whole new outlook on the way I chose to live my life. Keto is not for everyone, it can be hard on the kidneys they say and is not suitable for many medical conditions so its best to consult your physician before starting the Keto diet. That said Keto helped me loose the weight and become a better person and I still continue to use what I learned from Keto to this day.

What did my daily diet look like?


Coffee along with Scrambled Eggs & Bacon, or some sort of omelet


Diet soda with a hefty chicken salad, or a protein shake


Zucchini chips, or some form of nuts


Some form of meat (Steak, Chicken, Lamb, Pork etc) and asparagus/veggies

A diet where I don’t  have to count calories, and eat bacon and steak…Yes please!!!