I did the 22 Kill Challenge for a year and this is what happened…


Trends come and go but for some we are greatly impacted by them. There have been trends like the ice bucket challenge for ALS and the 22 kill push up challenge for Veteran Suicide are to bring about awareness for important causes. This awareness gets people involved, makes people curious about the cause – so they may look it up, donate, or share for someone else. These challenges do not directly help the issue but they give hope and inspiration to others.  Some people can relate to these causes because they are facing challenges head on or know someone who is. You do not know me but I participated in both challenges, donated to each cause and then volunteered my time. We all find causes that impact us more than others and will try to help however we can. For me, I could relate to both causes but the 22 kill was the one that hit home for me. The 22 Kill Challenge dares individuals to commit to 22 push-ups for 22 days to spread Veteran Suicide Awareness, but I choose to further that challenge and do 22 push-ups for a year!

My reasoning, Suicide is a worldwide issue that people contemplate and try often because well life is hard.  In a world so big you can feel so small. My main goal was to share a smile and let people know I support them and would be someone who could listen. When I originally started, I didn’t plan on doing the pushups for a year but when people reached out and the amount of support I received from others, it kept me going.

“I have successfully completed my goal of 365 days (1 year) of 22 pushups for Veteran Suicide Awareness. Now I want people to hear my story and understand why this cause has meant so much to me.”

Life is difficult for everyone and some people are better at handling situations than others but we need to remember that we are all different and we cannot judge someone or their situation.

Not many people know this about me… but I struggled a great deal with some issues and was not in a good place for a long time. I shut down, lost people and pushed other people away. Everyday got harder and harder to see any light and there was a point when all I saw was darkness. It was a scary and lonely place to be. I self-harmed, self-sabotaged and at one point attempted suicide myself. I still have struggles every now and then but I try to smile and think about all the good things and people in my life. Of course I still have bad days but there is always something good in every day so I try to focus on that which is not always easy but it helps to have a good support system and believing in yourself.

So when this cause came to my attention, I knew I needed to be part of it and not just for myself but for others too.

Though it may not seem like much, I wanted Veterans to know that I support and appreciate what they have done for this country and for me. I was hoping that these videos may reach someone who may be having a hard day and know that I am there. Know that I was open to talking to them or anyone for that matter who needed someone to listen.

It wasn’t always easy and every time I didn’t want to do the pushups, didn’t feel well or was hurting… I thought about how Veterans who are contemplating suicide deal with these emotions every day. They don’t just go away and it’s a constant internal battle. They sacrifice their lives and independence for this country; for our opportunities, our families, our friends and for our freedom! Then they come back and have their own fight within themselves- a fight that not many can understand.


I believe it’s difficult, scary and even traumatic for people to share their experiences. We are all so fearful and build ourselves up to think people won’t understand, will reject us, look at us or treat us differently. We let fear drown us and we lose ourselves. We talk ourselves out of saying or doing things.


I have learned that we have the power and control to choose how we react, how we feel, our thoughts and our attitudes towards people and situations. Yes words are easy to say and doing can be difficult but I think as long as we try and always continue to improve ourselves everyday by working on ourselves and own issues then we are successful. Take one day at a time and things will be ok.”


I cannot believe it’s been a full year since I completed the 22 push up challenge for 365 days. That was my favorite challenge because not only could I spread awareness but I was pushing myself and I got to share the experience with other people. I want to follow up with my story.


I used to be the type of person who always felt like I needed to please other people, the type who put so much pressure on herself, and the type who stressed, worried and would overthink everything. I focused my energy on everything that was going wrong, didn’t always take responsibility for my actions and would make excuses. I was afraid to be whom I wanted; I limited myself and constantly put myself down. I was stuck and lost in my own mind.


Within the last few years I have taken the time to focus and work on myself; to grow, to learn and to be better. It has been amazing and I am proud of my progress. Then something wonderful happened this year. Something inside me clicked and it clicked in a way that made me understand and realize that I deserve more and I can be more. This happened through a series of 4 events.


This first has been the books I have been reading that have helped empower me and realize that I can speak up for myself; that I have a voice. The books have allowed me to focus on me and know now that it’s ok to do that. The books taught me that I was allowing negativity in my life and that I had to change that. I had to let go of people or not attend certain situations to help benefit myself. Yes this is very difficult and may seem selfish to some but you have to think of the pros and cons. Is this person or event worth you feeling insecure or upset. I have been in some bad situations and I have been abused in many different ways. One was a relationship in which the guy was extremely verbally abusive and tore me down. It was partly my fault for not choosing to leave and take myself out of that situation… I have accepted my part in that situation and that I can’t blame someone else. Situations can be difficult and not everyone will understand or know where you are coming from or why you choose to do the things you do and honestly it’s not their business unless you want it to be. But we also need to understand that if we ask others for their input or advice you are opening yourself up for something you may not want to hear. Life is about choices and it’s the choices you make.


The second event was a conference I attended. This conference increased my confidence in the workplace by reassuring my knowledge and abilities. The sessions reminded me why I started working in this field (therapeutic Recreation) and that I have a lot to offer. It also made me feel like my opinions do matter. I realized how valuable and important the work I do is for others and that I could positively or negatively impact someone’s life. I felt inspired after this conference.


The third was a guy I was seeing. Things were going well but once I asked if we were going in the same direction he decided he didn’t know what he wanted. He decided that I wasn’t going to be able to handle his flaws. He decided that it wasn’t going to work. And when he was telling me how I was going to feel, how I was going to act and what I was going to say, well I had had enough. Relationships are difficult and take time and effort. But they are also a choice. You choose to put your time and energy into someone because you want too. You want to share experiences with that person. In that moment I realized that I was happy and content doing things on my own. I didn’t need him, I wanted him but I deserved more and I that I could get more.


Lastly was by changing, focusing and turning my attention, energy and thoughts towards the positive. Bad things are always going to happen but you don’t have control over situations that arise or other people. BUT you do have control over yourself and how you will react and respond. You have the power to choose to take what you want from a situation. Once I realized that, things became a lot easier for me. For example, someone snaps at you for something as simple as not replacing that paper in the copy machine. Are you going to let that person ruin your day? Its definitely normal to get upset or feel annoyed for a minute but then learn to let it go because in the scheme of it all, it’s not that big of a deal and it’s not your issue. We all dwell on things that we have no control over and let other people affect us. Try to realize that everyone is trying and doing the best they can. Learn to have patience and understanding towards others. You may be in a rush at the grocery store and then someone in line is taking a bit longer than you would like. Well maybe you should have left earlier or maybe that person has a learning disability and is trying to count money. Take responsibility for your actions. We all get the same 24 hours in a day and it’s up to you on how you use that time.

Krista Stott pushing through the rugged maniac

I want people to know and understand that we all have struggles and obstacles we need to overcome. Things may seem to all come down at once but the way you respond changes it all. Let’s try to be more accepting of others. Someone may be struggling with an issue that may not seem like a big deal to you but it is to them. We are all entitled to our feelings and emotions and they will be different for everyone. Even people who are going through similar situations, it will never be the same because the way people internalize things or respond to situations will always be different. Let’s try being supportive and uplifting.

Now let me remind you that nothing is easy but it’s about how much time and energy you decide to put into yourself and others.”

To anyone reading, I want to reiterate that life is difficult and there are so many ifs, buts ands, that we all questions and wonder about. My recommendation is to try. Simply try to be more patient, understanding and supportive. Try to focus on the positive and be the positive. Smile at people and say hello. Be someone that brightens someone’s day in a world and society that is filled with rude, negative and obnoxious people.  In the words of Charles R. Swindoll, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Think about these words and learn to apply them to your life.

So when this cause came to my attention, I knew I needed to be part of it and not for myself but for others.

Though it may not seem like much, I wanted Veterans to know that I support and appreciate what they have done for this country and for me. I was hoping that these videos may reach someone who may be having a hard day and know that I am there. Know that I was open to talking to them or anyone for that mater who needed someone to listen.

It wasn’t always easy and every time I didn’t want to, didn’t feel well or was hurting.. I thought about how Veterans who are contemplating suicide deal with these emotions everyday. They don’t just go away and it’s a battle. They sacrificed their lives for this country, for our opportunities, our families, friends and for our freedom! Then they come back and have their own fight within themselves. A fight that not many can understand.

I believe it’s difficult, scary and even traumatic for people to share their experiences. We are all so fearful and build ourselves up to think people won’t understand, will reject us, look at us or treat us differently. We let fear drown us and we lose ourselves. We talk ourselves out of saying or doing things.

I have learned that we have the power and control to choose how we react, how we feel, our thoughts and our attitudes towards people and situations. Yes words are easy to say and doing can be difficult but I think as long as we try and always continue to improve ourselves everyday by working on ourselves and own issues then we are successful. Take one day at a time and things will be ok


  • Yours Truly KAMS


Week 1 Keto Meal Ideas For The Lazy Chef

bacon and cheddar jalapeno popper boats - keto dinner recipies week 1

I like a lot of people this year am turning to the Keto Diet in hopes to achieve great weight loss in the New Year. I have gone through this path before with great success, but uh.. life happens. This time around I am struggling with what to eat, I am not a good cook so do I live solely off of protein shakes and meal replacement bars, or do I try? As you probably guessed I decided to try and learn how to cook Keto, and I am so glad I did! I have found some easy recipes that anyone can do! (Trust me if I can, you can) Below are some great easy recipes to kick start your diet into keto. I started the day with a full stack of large keto pancakes! By lunch I decided to test my oven skills with some bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers and for dinner I made a delicious cheeseburger casserole mmmm…

low carb almond flour pancakes with butter and bacon - keto breakfast ideas
Photo Credit: Sasha Pierce

Make Low Carb Keto Almond Flour Pancakes in 5 Minutes or Less

During the week I hate waking up early, therefore I am always in a rush and never have time to cook. These almond flour pancakes not only are perfect for the keto diet, they only have six ingredients, and they are perfect for lazy night owls with sleep deprivation who can’t wake up on time like myself! (And everyone else of course)




  1. 1/2 cup Almond Flour
  2. 1tsp Vanilla
  3. 2 Eggs
  4. 1oz Cream Cheese
  5. Butter
  6. 1tsp Erythritol Sweetener


  1. In your blender/mixer mix the flour, vanilla, eggs, cream cheese, and erythritol till nice and smooth. I like to blend the ingredients in my magic bullet because its quick and easy to clean.
  2. Heat the burner on medium with butter, once ready pour the batter mixture in the pan and let it fry for two minutes. When ready flip the pancakes and let fry for another 30-60 seconds.

Once your three pancakes are ready, plate and top off with some butter and sugar free maple syrup. I like to have mine with a side of bacon, also Keto friendly. I mean what other diet allows you to eat pancakes, eggs, cheese and bacon? These pancakes work well with cinnamon and other flavors as well, I just choose vanilla for this instance. You can also make them without Almond flour, but the first time I did this the pancakes didn’t rise very high so they were too thin for me.

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers – Low Carb Keto Lunch Ideas

bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers - low carb keto lunch ideas
Photo Credit: Sasha Pierce

Lunch is probably the toughest meal of the day for me. I hate protein shakes, ill drink them if I have to but I would prefer something with sustenance. If I am at work I will go to Sweet Tomato’s with the guys, a healthy on the go salad bar in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. But on the weekend, its jalapeno popper time! I love me some jalapeno poppers mmmm. And these jalapeno poppers wrapped in bacon only require 3 ingredients bacon, jalapenos, and cream cheese!





  1. 4pcs Jalapeno Peppers
  2. 2oz Cream cheese
  3. 4pcs bacon

Now what I love about this recipe is the fact that jalapeno poppers are so quick and easy to make. It doesn’t require a laundry list of grocery’s and a few hours to prepare. I like to interchange the ingredients with sweet peppers, or onion and chive cream cheese every now and then!


  1. Line a baking pan with some aluminum foil and preheat the oven to 400º degrees F (200 degrees C).
  2. Slice jalapeno’s in half and de-seed them
  3. Fill jalapeno’s with Cream Cheese layer
  4. Slice bacon in half making 8pcs
  5. Wrap jalapeno’s with bacon and place on the cooking sheet
  6. Cook for 25-30 min (until bacon is fully cooked)

That’s it, once the bacon is fully cooked you’re ready to eat!

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size: 8pcs

Calories: 400

Carbs: 7g

Protein: 12g

Easy 4 Ingredient Low Carb Cheese burger Casserole – Keto Dinner Ideas

low carb keto dinners - week 1 - cheeseburger cassorole
Cheeseburger Casserole by Sasha Pierce

Finally as we wrap up a day in the life, daily keto meal plan ideas I made a simple Cheeseburger Casserole. What is a Cheeseburger Casserole, a cheeseburger without a bun, served in a dish. You can add whatever spices and veggies you like to this dish, but I am one of those rare people that prefer my cheeseburgers naked without any condiments. (OMG that’s crazy right! I know)


  1. 1pkg Hamburger
  2. 5 slices Sargento Cheddar Cheese
  3. 1tsp of garlic salt
  4. A pinch of salt
  5. 1 slice butter


  1. Heat a frying pan on medium with butter and cook the hamburger meat till brown on all sides and cooked all the way through, this typically takes between 10-15minutes.
  2. While frying stir in your salt, garlic, veggies and spices to taste.
  3. About a minute or two before the hamburger is complete, layer your cheese around the pan and mix in the melted cheese.
  4. Finally spoon and serve

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Serving

Total Servings: 6

Calories: 500

Carbs: 6g

Protein: 40g

The hardest meal of the day is ready just that fast, can you believe it? Now it is up to you to decide what to do with all that time you just saved not cooking some elaborate cuisine tonight for the family, while feeling accomplished for staying true to the Keto Diet. Be sure to tune in for more great keto recipes by subscribing to the Edgy Reporter and liking below.

The 6 Best Steak Houses on the Las Vegas Strip

FeaturedThe best places to eat on the las vegas strip!

On average, roughly 39 million tourists visit the Las Vegas strip per year according to Statista. Many are looking for a week of fun and excitement; to include gambling, seeing a show or two and fine dining. But where should you eat on the Vegas strip, there are so many restaurants how do you choose? Below are the six best steak houses on the Las Vegas Strip, saving the best for last.

The Prime Steak House

Prefer dinner with a view, Prime Steak House  at the Bellagio is a romantic picturesque dining experience perfect for anniversaries and wedding parties. The restaurant itself sits right behind the Bellagio Fountains, giving your table a up close and personal look at the show. However, be sure to bring your wallets and call ahead for a reservation. Dinners can average around $120.00 a plate, and if you don’t call ahead you most likely won’t get a fountain view. Thats what happened to us so we ended up seated in the back and at that point you are just paying $200 for a steak! If you opt for the Prime Steak House try their Peppercorn Crusted NY Strip it only cost $67.00 for 14oz and it tastes fantastic!

Tourists overlooking the fountains at night at the Bellagio Las Vegas
Photo by Bumble_Dee on Shutterstock.com

How Do Different Types Of Cannabis Have Different Effects On Consumers?

Featuredhow different types of cannabis effect your high

Weed typically refers to the unfiltered form of marijuana. In fact, the only major preparation for weed is simply to cut and dry it. The main content of weed is the leaves and buds of the female cannabis sativa plants and the cannabis indica plants. Poor quality weed can be enhanced by spraying it with psychoactive drugs. This can cause a major enhancement on its high effect. It is very easy to recognize weed; it looks like a green herbal mixture in its ordinary state. Unlike other herbs or green leaves, it has a lumpy unrefined look. Its most distinctive property is its very pungent odor. This odor is highly recognizable both in its raw and burnt state. This smell is known to linger on the breath, fingers, and clothes of weed smokers, long after they have smoked.

There different types of weed and this differences vary from country to country. Some of the most popular ones include Bad Reggie Weed, mid-grade bud, top shelf dank weed,

Photo by Yash Lucid on Pexels.com

schwag, ditch weed, dirt, brick bud, shake, wack, bunk, stoner 2 stoner, tweedledoob, delkit 420, ragepat420 and green rush daily. However, in this article, we would only consider the first three.

Generally, the quality of weed is determined by a list of factors, some of which we would consider in this write-up.

The percentage of THC present

THC is an abbreviation that represents delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, it is a major psychoactive ingredient present in weed. For a weed strand to be considered strong, its THC content should be of an average 20 percent. The high the THC content in a particular type of weed the, the greater its high effect. Weeds with THC content of more than 30 percent, would get a seasoned weed smoker stoned in minutes.

The type of psychoactive drug used

Drugs that are capable of affecting the mental state of an individual are called psychoactive drugs. In other words, these drugs can cause intoxication. Psychoactive drugs have more than just intoxicating abilities; they are also known to be capable of causing drastic changes in moods and consciousness of users. When a weed is considered to be of low quality, spraying it with some psychoactive drug would increase its quality and effectiveness. There are different types of psychoactive drugs; the common ones include stimulants (example, caffeine, nicotine, cocaine), depressants (alcohol, benzodiazepines, and barbiturates), opioids (mainly morphine derived drugs; painkillers, codeine, morphine, aspirin, acetaminophen, and heroin). Other psychoactive drugs include hallucinogens (psilocybin, LSD, ketamine, PCP, and peyote), and designer drugs (mephedrone, W18, and MXE).

These psychoactive drugs have different effects on the brain and body of its users. The different effects include paranoia, hallucinations, depersonalization, and depression. Psychoactive drugs, that have the capacity to cause hallucination are known to be present in the best quality weeds.

Physical properties

The physical properties of a particular weed can increase or lower its high effects. This includes smell, taste, and feel.


Weed that smells too strong are most likely to be weeds of low effect. When the smell of a weed is too strong, there is a high tendency that its high effect would be minute. The best quality weeds like the “Nigerian SK” (only sold in Nigeria), are mostly refined and smells better.


Having a weed that tastes good, can heighten the level of pleasure derived from smoking weed, and in most cases, increase the weed effect. Therefore, a weed that tastes better would intoxicate a stoner faster.


Tthe definition of pleasure cannot be adequate in the absence of feeling. The feel of the weed is known to be enjoyable to most stoners, sometimes even addictive. A weed that feels good gives a killer buzz and intoxicates faster.

Common types of weed

Bad Reggie weed

Bad Reggie weed or Reggie as it is usually called, is a weed that is most used by stoners in the poorer communities. It has a very pungent smell, and it is very harsh on the lungs. A lot of seasoned weed smokes try to avoid Reggie because its THC percentage is lower than other refined weed strands. A typical Reggie weed is unrefined, and would probably be sold by corner-alley sellers (who plants Reggie in their backyards).  Reggie is not known to contain any extra psychoactive drugs and is considered to be an ordinary weed. It has a terrible smell, and would only get you high when you have consumed a lot. If you have never tried weed before, and you want to go a little out of your comfort zone by smoking some weed, Reggie is the best for you. Newbies can start off with Reggie until it is safe to try better quality weeds.

Mid-grade bud

The mid-grade bud weed is of richer quality than the Reggie weed, with better taste and smell too. The mid-grade has a better appearance, with its bright green leaves and its red or orange luscious fibers. This type of weed is most suitable for relaxation purposes if you want to catch a quick sleep, mid-grade bud is the weed to smoke. Unlike the cheap Reggie weed, the mid-grade bud is better refined, with a slight skunky smell. It certainly tastes better than Reggie, some have a fruity taste, while others come with a slight earthy tone. The THC percentage of a typical mid-grade bud falls between 17 to 24 percent. You can get high with a mid-grade bud without being sore and numb for the rest of the day.

Dank weed (skunk)

This is the best kind of weed you can find in the market. This weed is refined, perfumed and sprayed with the best psychoactive drugs in the market. When it comes to getting stoned, nothing beats skunk or dank weed. Dank weed comes with a dark green appearance, with sleek hair fibers. It has a very dense smell that can fill up the whole room. Dank weeds are known to be spicy and fruity at the same time. The high effect of dank weed is immediate and would leave you stoned all day long. With a THC level of about 35 percent, dank weed sets the pace for other weeds to follow.

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No More Fish In The Sea 4 Me!


After a long awaited divorce, a move cross country for a new job, and months of staying away from the dating game, I finally decided it was time to throw my heart out there again for the first time in two years. I did not expect much and like many single people, I had absolutely no idea what I was looking for or what I wanted.

Because I lived in a very rural part of Massachusetts I decided to give online dating a try, I had many friends that had accounts on dating websites like Tinder, OkCupid and POF. I created an account on the three different dating websites and let the messaging begin. I went on three dates over the course of a few months, each date was worse than the date before. One of the men put a month of effort into messaging back and forth, but on the first date, it was clear he just wanted a hook up, which was not my thing. The second guy dominated the date with his success, every conversation led back to how much money he made…Ironically enough at the end of dinner he asked to go dutch on the $26.00 check! The third guy choose to lie about everything in his profile, and saved his real personality for the first date at Buffalo Wild Wings, total catfish. He did not look like Colin Farrell and he was not 5’7!

After the three dates, I said online dating is just is not for me. I logged in to my account on Tinder…DELETE. I logged into my account on OKCupid….DELETE! Then something unpredictable happened

rhode island comic con - online dating pof
Rhode Island Comic Con

… I logged into my POF account ready to call a quits, then I glanced down at the first message in my inbox. The message contained a quip about the fact that we both worked in the IT industry. He only had one picture, a side profile picture, so I had no clue what I was getting into, but he was funny so I gave him my number and said I’m deleting my POF account but here is my number…text me!


Almost simultaneously he texted me, we talked for about a month, both of us agreed we were too busy and didn’t want a relationship, we were just looking to casually date. I still had no clue what he looked like, when he finally asked me out I thought about blowing him off once or twice. Then he said the magic words…“Do you want to go to a Patriots game?” Ya I wanted to go to a Patriots game!!! Little did I know that game would change my life. The game was December 6th, 2015 against the Eagles, the night was so cold that by the end of the game my throat was swollen and I caught the flu. Although we lost the game that night, I definitely won.

Snapchat-950557217By date three, we told each other at dinner “I don’t know where you’re at, but I don’t want to see anyone else.” Everyone around us could see it was love, our friends could tell by the way we looked at each other early on. They always tell us “I want what you guys have”, and saw our relationship as #RelationshipGoals. We had a tendency to be gifted free dinners when we went out because observant patrons could see how head over heels we were for each other, and opted to pay for our meal (Thank You to whoever you are!). He lived an hour away from me in Rhode Island, and was going to school for his Bachelor’s degree. I worked an hour away from my house in Boston, was in the process of starting my own business, yet somehow we managed to make it work for three years seeing each other faithfully only once a week! Our relationship has been filled with more laughter and adventure than I have experienced my whole life, he completely change by cynical outlook on love, and I owe it all to Plenty Of Fish (POF)!

When I started this journey if you were to ask me about my outlook on love or online dating, I was in such a dark place from my divorce that any response would have been discouraging. Now thanks to POF I am in love with the most amazing man I have ever met, and finally after three years we bought a house and moved in together! We cannot wait to get married, and start a family together. The truth is, love happens when you least expect it; not every date you will go on will turn into something but if your both open to it you just may find something special! It does not matter if you met online or at the bar, or if you started off as just friends…Love can happen anywhere, to anyone.

Fourth Of July - Snapchat

Thank you Plenty of Fish!

Best Parties to Drop in The New Year! NYE 2019

best parties to drop in the new year


The New Year in the United States is always greeted with wild celebrations, fantastic fireworks, and beautiful spectacles. It is always a fun time when it’s New Year’s Eve as you get to celebrate the future while reflecting on past achievements. If you’re planning to attend a New Year’s Eve Party in the US, here are some popular venues to keep in mind –

Join Us For The EDIFY Fashion Show


Join us for the First Ever Edify Fashion Show in Phoenix, Arizona at the Because Event Center!

Are you thinking of traveling to Phoenix, Arizona this year in search for sun and fun. Do you currently live in the Phoenix, AZ area and are just looking for a fun night out with the family? Then be sure to check out the Edify Fashion Show at the Because Event Center located at 3419 East University Drive Phoenix, AZ 85034 on March 16, 2019. The Because Event Center is a beautiful venue located just minutes from downtown Phoenix.

Expect to be at the show before 6:00 PM MST, and to be greeted by a runway ready for entertainment by some of the hottest emerging names in Fashion. Designers will showcase some of their boldest designs yet, along with creative choreography, entertainment and more!

“Quality without compromise, beauty, art, creativity and a memorable experience is what we are all about.” — Emanuel Vaceanu


The senior group, has partnered with Edify and have been involved in the fashion industry doing shows, design, and production, for many years. The organizations leaders are originally from four different continents and bring to the table a diverse experience in the fashion industry. Europe, South America, the Orient, and the USA.

We feature and promote exceptional shows, designers, artists from all over the world.

The March 2019 Show will be a unique in the world fashion show featuring designers that showed in NY and Paris Fashion week combined with the beautify of the Arabian horse and the most beautiful and elegant wolfhounds the Borzoi.


“Quality, style and beauty is our main goal.” — Emanuel Vaceanu

This is not going to be the usual straight runway show. We are running 3 simultaneous shows in 3 rooms. One is the Theater with the VIPs and judges, an other in the left wing rooms and a fashion photo shoot in the main central area. This will be followed by the Arabians fashion show outdoors.

Some of the highlights of the show :

Designers Fashion Show

Model Contest (to crown Miss Edify Fashion )

Fashion photoshoot

Professional dance performance

Wolfhounds ( Some of our models will be walking the runway with the most beautiful dog bread the Borzoi wolf hounds )

The Arabians show ( Some of our models will be showing beautiful ballgowns while sitting on Arabian horses )

After dark dance party with complimentary drinks and appetizers.

Please visit our Edify to learn more and for show details.

Fashion Show Date: MARCH 16, 2019 6:00 PM MST

Follow Edify Fashion on Social Media



For more info please contact: info@edifyfashion.com


Thinking of Starting Your Own Business?


“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” — Herman Melville

Starting your own business can be fun and exciting, but it can also be a lot of work and even more research if you’ve never done it before. Please subscribe to our magazine, each month we will post useful tips on “How To Start A Successful eCommerce Business”. We will post valuable information that may help readers answer some of the basic questions they find themselves asking when trying to start a new online business.

A lot of Entrepreneurs today are driven to the idea of online business because it can reach a very wide audience and have a very low startup costs. There is very little need for large financial loans to cover the upfront cost of real estate, equipment, and employees. So if you don’t have a lot of money, but strive to start your own business, eCommerce may be right for you! Some of the largest and most dominant companies of our time such as Amazon and Facebook started off as nothing more than an idea, with little to no money….. and now businesses are crumbling around them trying to compete. If you’re looking for inspiration check out this article by Vivian Giang in the Small Business Open Forum on how these companies got their start, all from within their garage! Don’t be discouraged if your first idea doesn’t pan out, I myself tried a series of different business ventures each one taught me a valuable lesson about business. Whatever you do, make sure it interests you! If you don’t like what you’re doing how are you going to get others interested in the idea? And 9 out of 10 times people lose interest in ventures they are not passionate about.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you get started:

person writing on white book
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What is your business model?

Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), or are you unsure? Do you want to offer a Service, or do you want to Sell something? These questions may seem unimportant however, both identify who you want your customer to be, and each will require completely different marketing strategies. Customers will always find you if they need something you have, where as you have to find the customer if you want them to buy what your selling. Keep this in mind as you move forward. To learn about the different types of business models check out TutorialsPoint.com.

What is your business concept?

Is this something that has been done before or are you breaking ground on a completely new and innovative idea? If you are doing something that has been done before what makes you different? How do you stand out? Who are your competitors?

Who is your Target Audience?

Find Your Niche! By determining which part of the market you want to sell to you can begin to narrow down your scope and start to devise a plan for your overall look and feel to capture that audience and then later on how to market towards that audience. Keep in mind just because you target a specific demographic does not mean that later on you can’t expand your scope to capture a larger audience.

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Ok now that we have taken your idea and helped flourish it into a business concept you are ready to start thinking about branding and site development. When thinking about brand we are talking about business name, logo’s, business cards, and flyers, but initially to set up your eCommerce site you are going to need site graphics. There are plenty of sites that are willing to design customized logos and graphics for your new business such as Vistaprint and Fiver for relatively low cost. See what works best for you. Another option, if you are really creative, and have a pretty good understanding of technology is download Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop the Adobe Cloud platform grants users a 7-day free trial. There are tons of great tutorials available on YouTube! If you choose to keep going after the 7 days they have plans as low as $20 a month. If you plan to have many customized product designs this may be a viable option over paying for each and every graphic.

We covered a lot in this article from creating a business model, determining your target audience, and finding your niche all of which will help you to build a good foundation for your business. Keep in mind that everything discussed in this article can be an article in itself and that this is just a brief overview. Please tune in next month for more!


Featuredbest places to travel to for christmas vacation

Celebrating Christmas is one of the best things to do when you have your loved ones around. However, many people seem to repeatedly celebrate the holidays at home, and it may be about time to tune it up a bit. To take this years Christmas celebration to a whole new level, try visiting one of these great places this holiday season.


Nothing can compare to the Christmas holidays in New York. With the temperature not too cold, you could pine a little for snow moseying past shops on Fifth Avenue while your peer in at the vivid window displays. The crowds mostly flog the Rockefeller Center Rink, but you can have room for skating under the most popular Christmas tree midweek. For those wanting to pick up last-minute presents, New York is the place to do it, and the usually gruff residents happen to be light-hearted at this time of the year. You will also get to hear the echoes of Christmas carols through the subway owing to the transit musicians of New York.

Truly the city of New York never sleeps and is the most abuzz during the holidays. You can go shopping at the Union Square holiday markets, and if the Rock Center is too crowded for you, then you can do you skating at the ice rink located at Bryant Park. A standard New York experience can be offered by the festive St. Regis, and you can also visit places such as Bergdorf’s, Macy’s, and also Saks to see amazing holiday window displays. The Nutcracker, which is the height of Christmas tradition in New York, can be seen at the Lincoln Center.