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We’ve got 6 episodes remaining and when Game of Thrones makes its comeback in season 8, in April of 2019, there will be so many fans waiting to see how this epic saga finally culminates. We expect that these final episodes will be lengthier than in the previous series and we may well witness six episodes that are as long as short movies. There are a lot of questions to be answered in this final series with the buzz going around the lead characters and what will become of them. The Wall has been breached by the Night King with the imminence of the Great War. Will the dead triumph? Will there be any reunions in the coming season. What characters will die and, finally, who will become King? There are a lot of guesses and fan theories but here are the top 5 predictions for season 8

Bran Stark Controls The White Walkers


As Game of Thrones looks to be progressing steadily towards a dramatic showdown in which the Westeros take on the White Walkers, Isaac Hempstead, who plays the role of the visionary Bran Stark, seems to have given a clue as to how the White Walkers will be conquered. The teenager pointed out that his character has a very huge role to play in defeating the Night King together with his army.

Isaac explained that Bran had a great task on his back to be the Raven with three eyes. He doesn’t just remember what being Bran is like but remembers virtually everything that has occurred in the universe from the very beginning.

Isaac gave this hint while saying that Bran would be instrumental to the collapse of the White Walkers. He pointed out that Bran’s knowledge of Jon Snow, as well as his understanding of how the White Walkers came to be, may become a great tool for defeating the White Walkers. This makes Bran a very valuable tool on the side of the Westeros and all that he needs to do is to pass this vital information only to the appropriate persons.

Arya Stark Kill Cersei Lannister

The theory being spread by fans suggests that in the coming season 8, Arya Stark will personally bring a climax to the reign of Cersei Lannister at the Westeros. Fans have followed the series and seen how Arya has evolved into a very dangerous character in all of Westeros. As she posses the ability to change her face, as well as, superb sword skills, she looks set to be the one who will restore peace in the world of the Game of Thrones.

Arya had been pitted as the one destined to kill Cersei but a lot of speculation has it that Jamie will first be killed and, then, his face will be used by Arya to kill Cersei. The death of Cersei will complete Arya’s list of people whom she wanted dead and is a fulfillment of the prophecy as well.

Tyrion Lannister Is Actually A Targaryen

This very theory has it that the father of Daenerys, King Aerys Targaryen, got into an affair with the mother of Tyrion. More so, when Tywin Lannister was killed by Tyrion, his father pronounced that Tyrion was no son of his and this has been taken literally be avid fans. In the last season, we got to see how Tyrion developed a bond with the dragons of Daenerys in such a way that only a dragon-blooded Targaryen could. If you connect all the dots, well, it’s pretty plausible.