Carrie Underwood: A All American Cinderella Story!

Academy of Country Music Awards - Carrie Underwood

From the stages of American Idol, to Sunday night football Carrie Underwood is a real life American Cinderella Story.

If you were like me and the other 30 million viewers that tuned in every Tuesday and Wednesday night for American Idol in 2005, then you got to witness the birth of Carrie Underwood’s superstardom as it grew right before your eyes! Back then I don’t think people realized just how big she would become, but she has proven that with time and dedication you really can make your dreams come true.

When asked why she was so nervous by Randy Jackson she looks at Simon Cowell during her audition and says, “He’s Scary”. She also omitted that she was on the football team in her home town of Oklahoma, and had a 3rd nipple! She also has the ability to cluck like a chicken, and after clucking for Randy and Simon she manage to “Cluck her way into American Idol” singing I Can’t Make You Love Me, by Bonnie Raitt see below.

Although she had never been on a plane before and was terrified of the thought she managed to concur her fears both in the air and on stage and go on to be one of the most successful idols in American Idol history! So what does Carrie Underwood have that other idol winners didn’t have to garner the same level of success? If Idol producers knew the answer to that question, each idol winner would have the same level of success. Is it her talent, marketability, her infectious bubbly personality, her beauty, or is she so driven that she refused to let herself fail? Whatever the answer, it is working for her, she is no longer Carrie Underwood from American Idol, she is Carrie Underwood a country legend.

Successful people have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it. – Carrie Underwood

Her debut single post idol “Inside Your Heaven”, was the first country music single in history to debut number one on the US Billboard Hot 100. Her first album Some Hearts attracted country music fans as well as pop with hits like “Before He Cheats”, “Wasted”, and “Jesus Take the Wheel”. Her debut album Some Hearts became the best-selling solo female debut album in country music history, her songs could be seen in Rom Coms like “Americas Sweethearts”. Five albums, a wedding and two babies later it is clear that Carrie is here for the long hall and there is nothing she can’t do! She really is a real life  all Aamerican Cinderlla Story.

Am I the only one who wants to see a Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert heist movie after their music video for Something Bad? Please tell me its happening!

You can do anything you put your mind to. I believe in all of you. Never doubt yourself, even if everyone around you is doubting you. Stand tall. Prove them all wrong.Each and every one of you have something amazingly special about you and don’t let anyone tell you any different. Thank you for being my fans.. and my friends. Thank you for giving me a reason to sing. Thank you for being you. - Carrie Underwood

10 best female fronted alternative rock bands of the last decade

FeaturedTaylor Momsen in concert Pretty Reckless

Its no secret that the rock genre is dominated by massive male talent from veterans like AC/DC and Metallica to new age artists like Five Finger Death Punch, Avenged Sevenfold and Dead By April. But we want to celebrate the amazing female rock artists of the past decade! See who made our list in this top ten count down of the 10 best female fronted rock bands.

Coming in at number one is everyone’s favorite Die Hard screamer Lacey Sturm with her band Flyleaf. Although Lacey left the band in 2012 she still ranks at the top of our list with hits such as Rot, and Fully Alive.

“In February 2016, Sturm became the first solo female to top the Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart with her debut release Life Screams” – Wikipedia


Pretty Reckless is coming in hot at number two with their lead singer Taylor Momsen. But isn’t she that girl who played Cindy Lou Who in the Grinch That Stole Christmas? That’s right, and she played little Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl, but don’t let that fool you; Taylor Momsen is a bad ass and a rock and roll icon! Just check out the their single “Make Me Wanna Die” below.


Ariel Bloomer slides into our number three spot with Icon for Hire. Not only does Ariel have an amazing name, amazing pink hair, and an amazing band…now she is adding published author to her resume with her new book Turn Your Pain Into Art. Listen to their single Off With Her Head from their album Scripted.


This next artist Diamante may be new to the scene, but this Blonde Bombshell (22) is already turning heads. Her single Bite Your Kiss ranked in the top 5 on the Billboard Hot Singles Chart. Her newest album Coming in Hot was just released via Better Noise Records, you can hear her featured in Bad Wolves latest track – Hear Me Now


Ledger’s first single as a solo rock artist I’m Not Dead Yet is still trending. However, you may find yourself saying why does she sound so familiar? Jen Ledger is breaking out from behind the drum set of another another mainstream rock band Skillet best known for hits like Hero, Monster, and Feel Invincible. The members of the band have been very supportive as she explores her own sound and launches her new EP April 13.

“I feel I’ve just been growing and changing over the last few years and I feel the time is now, “ Ledger tells Billboard. “It just feels like everything is lined up all at once. It’s super exciting because it is a little bit of a destiny moment.” –