How Do Different Types Of Cannabis Have Different Effects On Consumers?

Featuredhow different types of cannabis effect your high

Weed typically refers to the unfiltered form of marijuana. In fact, the only major preparation for weed is simply to cut and dry it. The main content of weed is the leaves and buds of the female cannabis sativa plants and the cannabis indica plants. Poor quality weed can be enhanced by spraying it with psychoactive drugs. This can cause a major enhancement on its high effect. It is very easy to recognize weed; it looks like a green herbal mixture in its ordinary state. Unlike other herbs or green leaves, it has a lumpy unrefined look. Its most distinctive property is its very pungent odor. This odor is highly recognizable both in its raw and burnt state. This smell is known to linger on the breath, fingers, and clothes of weed smokers, long after they have smoked.

There different types of weed and this differences vary from country to country. Some of the most popular ones include Bad Reggie Weed, mid-grade bud, top shelf dank weed,

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schwag, ditch weed, dirt, brick bud, shake, wack, bunk, stoner 2 stoner, tweedledoob, delkit 420, ragepat420 and green rush daily. However, in this article, we would only consider the first three.

Generally, the quality of weed is determined by a list of factors, some of which we would consider in this write-up.

The percentage of THC present

THC is an abbreviation that represents delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, it is a major psychoactive ingredient present in weed. For a weed strand to be considered strong, its THC content should be of an average 20 percent. The high the THC content in a particular type of weed the, the greater its high effect. Weeds with THC content of more than 30 percent, would get a seasoned weed smoker stoned in minutes.

The type of psychoactive drug used

Drugs that are capable of affecting the mental state of an individual are called psychoactive drugs. In other words, these drugs can cause intoxication. Psychoactive drugs have more than just intoxicating abilities; they are also known to be capable of causing drastic changes in moods and consciousness of users. When a weed is considered to be of low quality, spraying it with some psychoactive drug would increase its quality and effectiveness. There are different types of psychoactive drugs; the common ones include stimulants (example, caffeine, nicotine, cocaine), depressants (alcohol, benzodiazepines, and barbiturates), opioids (mainly morphine derived drugs; painkillers, codeine, morphine, aspirin, acetaminophen, and heroin). Other psychoactive drugs include hallucinogens (psilocybin, LSD, ketamine, PCP, and peyote), and designer drugs (mephedrone, W18, and MXE).

These psychoactive drugs have different effects on the brain and body of its users. The different effects include paranoia, hallucinations, depersonalization, and depression. Psychoactive drugs, that have the capacity to cause hallucination are known to be present in the best quality weeds.

Physical properties

The physical properties of a particular weed can increase or lower its high effects. This includes smell, taste, and feel.


Weed that smells too strong are most likely to be weeds of low effect. When the smell of a weed is too strong, there is a high tendency that its high effect would be minute. The best quality weeds like the “Nigerian SK” (only sold in Nigeria), are mostly refined and smells better.


Having a weed that tastes good, can heighten the level of pleasure derived from smoking weed, and in most cases, increase the weed effect. Therefore, a weed that tastes better would intoxicate a stoner faster.


Tthe definition of pleasure cannot be adequate in the absence of feeling. The feel of the weed is known to be enjoyable to most stoners, sometimes even addictive. A weed that feels good gives a killer buzz and intoxicates faster.

Common types of weed

Bad Reggie weed

Bad Reggie weed or Reggie as it is usually called, is a weed that is most used by stoners in the poorer communities. It has a very pungent smell, and it is very harsh on the lungs. A lot of seasoned weed smokes try to avoid Reggie because its THC percentage is lower than other refined weed strands. A typical Reggie weed is unrefined, and would probably be sold by corner-alley sellers (who plants Reggie in their backyards).  Reggie is not known to contain any extra psychoactive drugs and is considered to be an ordinary weed. It has a terrible smell, and would only get you high when you have consumed a lot. If you have never tried weed before, and you want to go a little out of your comfort zone by smoking some weed, Reggie is the best for you. Newbies can start off with Reggie until it is safe to try better quality weeds.

Mid-grade bud

The mid-grade bud weed is of richer quality than the Reggie weed, with better taste and smell too. The mid-grade has a better appearance, with its bright green leaves and its red or orange luscious fibers. This type of weed is most suitable for relaxation purposes if you want to catch a quick sleep, mid-grade bud is the weed to smoke. Unlike the cheap Reggie weed, the mid-grade bud is better refined, with a slight skunky smell. It certainly tastes better than Reggie, some have a fruity taste, while others come with a slight earthy tone. The THC percentage of a typical mid-grade bud falls between 17 to 24 percent. You can get high with a mid-grade bud without being sore and numb for the rest of the day.

Dank weed (skunk)

This is the best kind of weed you can find in the market. This weed is refined, perfumed and sprayed with the best psychoactive drugs in the market. When it comes to getting stoned, nothing beats skunk or dank weed. Dank weed comes with a dark green appearance, with sleek hair fibers. It has a very dense smell that can fill up the whole room. Dank weeds are known to be spicy and fruity at the same time. The high effect of dank weed is immediate and would leave you stoned all day long. With a THC level of about 35 percent, dank weed sets the pace for other weeds to follow.

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Where Should I host My Website? Web Hosting & Site Development

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Ok so now that you have polished your idea into a well thought out business concept, designed a logo and developed a few graphics you are ready to take on the world, and begin building your website. But where do you begin? Do you spend thousands of dollars right out the gate on a fully developed site with all the trimmings before you know if your concept is even marketable? The truth is that you could however, there is a lot of risk involved right out the gate and the average person doesn’t typically have a couple grand laying around to drop on a whim. If you are one of those people however, then by all means feel free to take advantage of this option. If you are not, then please continue reading below as we discuss domain names, web hosting and development.

Web Hosting & Site Development

First off, what is web hosting? Web hosting, is just like it sounds a place for you to host your website. Companies charge annual fees to host your website and its data on their servers and equipment while providing a constant connection to the web to allow people to access your site and its data. By opting for this method you are then allowing another company to take on the burden of maintaining servers, storage arrays and other high end IT equipment and support which is not only expensive but time consuming. By paying a small fee you are freeing up your time allowing yourself to focus on the site itself and the business structure, and many web hosting companies offer many other useful site hosting tools and services that you may be able to take advantage of. Please continue reading below for a brief overview of some of the more prominent companies that provide web Hosting and site development services, along with some of the pros and cons of each to help you in your decision making.


I have used Wix many times, they offer a very user friendly service ideal for inexperienced site developers. They provide drag and drop functionality and site templates to help you achieve your site goals and price options for every price point including FREE! The actual site editor interface was simple and intuitive, a user is not expected to rely heavily on customized code and customer support. If you do need to contact customer support however, they are typically very helpful and easy to get in contact with, whenever I had issues it was resolved within a timely manner. The biggest disadvantages I have found with WIX is the inability to do advanced customizations, there were a lot of limitations I had personally with the site builder and design features. However, if you are a novice designer and just looking for something simple and functional to get you started this probably won’t be an issue. You will also find that Wix sites like to host Ads and self-promotion branding on their hosted sites as well, I was able to customize the html file to remove most of the ads, but some users may find this to be a problem. Another issue I had with Wix was that in the world of integration, collaboration, and simplicity I found it to be too much work to get the site set up with some features we have come to expect in today’s market. I am always left feeling like I want more, and as a general user unless I do loads of research I am not quite sure where to find what I am looking for and for this reason Wix I would recommend for student purposes, portfolios, but not for a small start-up.


Who hasn’t heard of GoDaddy, hasn’t everyone seen that commercial during last year’s super bowl with the cute little kittens touring the house on iRobot’s Roomba vacuum cleaners? If not, you can check it out on YouTube here. Commercials aside, GoDaddy is one of the larger brand names in the web hosting industry, I have actually worked for a few larger corporations that utilize Go Daddy heavily. As a user though with a much smaller bank roll I had very little success with GoDaddy and ultimately opted to host my site elsewhere in the end :/ That said I liked that GoDaddy was a one-stop shop. From a user perspective, I did not have to go to a lot of outside resources to find and purchase a domain name, hosting services, site development email, SEO, and security features GoDaddy offered them all…for a price. For a price being the key word. With GoDaddy I felt like everything was designed to make customers empty their pockets. When searching for a domain name .com was almost always available through GoDaddy for over $1,000.00 however you could find the less marketed extensions such as “.co, .net” available for less than $10.00. I have heard a lot of conspiracy theories relating to this topic from other users as well. Once you have found a domain thru GoDaddy it functions as you would expect, I have several domains that I have purchased through GoDaddy without a problem, but as I mentioned finding a “.com” extension was just not in the cards for my price point.

Once you have the domain purchased and you are ready to play around with the website builder/designer in GoDaddy this is where it can get Tricky. Keep in mind I work in IT for a living, specifically as a Developer and Database DBA and for me trying to build my site and customize it to meet my level of standards and general user expectations were nearly impossible. There is no drag and drop capability, the page layout is stagnant and not easily customizable. Every design solution I found came with a price, and the basic out of the box tool set limits you to where your almost sure to need additional purchases. GoDaddy is more than willing to utilize their design team to get your site up to your standards however it was just too expensive for me to utilize especially when my business venture has yet to be profitable. But if price isn’t really a concern for you GoDaddy offers you the benefit of being able to have all of your site services bundled together in one platform and all of the separate cost points such as your email and domain are easily integrated with each other. But any features that you want to add such as social media integration, be prepared to pay for it.


WordPress is an open source hosting company, meaning its free. That said if you are not a developer by trade then it may be a little hard for you to get your site up and running without hiring a developer of some kind. Even if you choose to utilize their services on its going to cost you a pretty penny and take a bit to navigate your way around their system. That said tho, once you learn WordPress you will find that the sites structure runs fairly well, they have lots of plugins that will assist you in areas like SEO, analytics and everything else you can imagine, and unlike Shopify most of these plugins are free.

To Be Continued….

Finding The Right Domain – How To Get A Link For Your Website


Thinking of starting your own online business, well finding the right domain name is an important first step. If you read our last article you should have a good understanding on how to think about start working on building your thought out business concept, logo design, and graphic develop so you are ready to take on the world, and begin building your website. But where do you begin? Well first and foremost you need a Domain name. A domain name is your websites user friendly network address, as opposed to a bunch of 1’s and 0’s.

Find the right domain name

One of the most important things about your sites branding is the domain name. For those of you new to the world of website development, a domain name is the websites url located at the top of a site page for example: It wouldn’t make much sense for Google’s business model to have a url of now would it? You need to show trust.

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A good domain name is important when it comes to marketing and SEO, essentially it’s the first thing potential customers are going to see whether it be on a well-placed Google ad or a business card. It needs to be catchy and memorable enough to make them go to your site while staying true to your brand! Put yourself in the consumers shoes, when you go to a website with a sketchy address and poor site design you are less likely to make a purchase from that site because it doesn’t feel professional. Even if you like what they are selling, you are more likely to go to a trusted resource such as Amazon to see if you can find the same product…It may cost a little bit more, but customers are willing to pay a few dollars more from a trusted resource.

Go Daddy

There are many resources to run a domain name search to see if your domain name is available, if you have already decided where you are hosting your website you may check with them as well. You can try finding your domain name here at GoDaddy right now! Domain names can start as low as $7.00 for the year. A general rule of thumb, pick a “.com” extension whenever possible it’s the standard commercial domain option. If your domain name is not available with a “.com” extension and altering the name is not feasible then feel free to opt for a “.org, .net, .int, .edu, .co, .gov” extension if it makes sense. However, keep in mind if you choose a domain with an extension other than .com and the .com name is already registered to another brand, then people can become confused and not know which site is legitimate. For this reason I tend to buy all versions of the site name to ensure there are no issues later on down the line when the business becomes more well known.

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Thinking of Starting Your Own Business?


“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” — Herman Melville

Starting your own business can be fun and exciting, but it can also be a lot of work and even more research if you’ve never done it before. Please subscribe to our magazine, each month we will post useful tips on “How To Start A Successful eCommerce Business”. We will post valuable information that may help readers answer some of the basic questions they find themselves asking when trying to start a new online business.

A lot of Entrepreneurs today are driven to the idea of online business because it can reach a very wide audience and have a very low startup costs. There is very little need for large financial loans to cover the upfront cost of real estate, equipment, and employees. So if you don’t have a lot of money, but strive to start your own business, eCommerce may be right for you! Some of the largest and most dominant companies of our time such as Amazon and Facebook started off as nothing more than an idea, with little to no money….. and now businesses are crumbling around them trying to compete. If you’re looking for inspiration check out this article by Vivian Giang in the Small Business Open Forum on how these companies got their start, all from within their garage! Don’t be discouraged if your first idea doesn’t pan out, I myself tried a series of different business ventures each one taught me a valuable lesson about business. Whatever you do, make sure it interests you! If you don’t like what you’re doing how are you going to get others interested in the idea? And 9 out of 10 times people lose interest in ventures they are not passionate about.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you get started:

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What is your business model?

Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), or are you unsure? Do you want to offer a Service, or do you want to Sell something? These questions may seem unimportant however, both identify who you want your customer to be, and each will require completely different marketing strategies. Customers will always find you if they need something you have, where as you have to find the customer if you want them to buy what your selling. Keep this in mind as you move forward. To learn about the different types of business models check out

What is your business concept?

Is this something that has been done before or are you breaking ground on a completely new and innovative idea? If you are doing something that has been done before what makes you different? How do you stand out? Who are your competitors?

Who is your Target Audience?

Find Your Niche! By determining which part of the market you want to sell to you can begin to narrow down your scope and start to devise a plan for your overall look and feel to capture that audience and then later on how to market towards that audience. Keep in mind just because you target a specific demographic does not mean that later on you can’t expand your scope to capture a larger audience.

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Ok now that we have taken your idea and helped flourish it into a business concept you are ready to start thinking about branding and site development. When thinking about brand we are talking about business name, logo’s, business cards, and flyers, but initially to set up your eCommerce site you are going to need site graphics. There are plenty of sites that are willing to design customized logos and graphics for your new business such as Vistaprint and Fiver for relatively low cost. See what works best for you. Another option, if you are really creative, and have a pretty good understanding of technology is download Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop the Adobe Cloud platform grants users a 7-day free trial. There are tons of great tutorials available on YouTube! If you choose to keep going after the 7 days they have plans as low as $20 a month. If you plan to have many customized product designs this may be a viable option over paying for each and every graphic.

We covered a lot in this article from creating a business model, determining your target audience, and finding your niche all of which will help you to build a good foundation for your business. Keep in mind that everything discussed in this article can be an article in itself and that this is just a brief overview. Please tune in next month for more!