Finding The Right Domain – How To Get A Link For Your Website


Thinking of starting your own online business, well finding the right domain name is an important first step. If you read our last article you should have a good understanding on how to think about start working on building your thought out business concept, logo design, and graphic develop so you are ready to take on the world, and begin building your website. But where do you begin? Well first and foremost you need a Domain name. A domain name is your websites user friendly network address, as opposed to a bunch of 1’s and 0’s.

Find the right domain name

One of the most important things about your sites branding is the domain name. For those of you new to the world of website development, a domain name is the websites url located at the top of a site page for example: It wouldn’t make much sense for Google’s business model to have a url of now would it? You need to show trust.

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A good domain name is important when it comes to marketing and SEO, essentially it’s the first thing potential customers are going to see whether it be on a well-placed Google ad or a business card. It needs to be catchy and memorable enough to make them go to your site while staying true to your brand! Put yourself in the consumers shoes, when you go to a website with a sketchy address and poor site design you are less likely to make a purchase from that site because it doesn’t feel professional. Even if you like what they are selling, you are more likely to go to a trusted resource such as Amazon to see if you can find the same product…It may cost a little bit more, but customers are willing to pay a few dollars more from a trusted resource.

Go Daddy

There are many resources to run a domain name search to see if your domain name is available, if you have already decided where you are hosting your website you may check with them as well. You can try finding your domain name here at GoDaddy right now! Domain names can start as low as $7.00 for the year. A general rule of thumb, pick a “.com” extension whenever possible it’s the standard commercial domain option. If your domain name is not available with a “.com” extension and altering the name is not feasible then feel free to opt for a “.org, .net, .int, .edu, .co, .gov” extension if it makes sense. However, keep in mind if you choose a domain with an extension other than .com and the .com name is already registered to another brand, then people can become confused and not know which site is legitimate. For this reason I tend to buy all versions of the site name to ensure there are no issues later on down the line when the business becomes more well known.

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